Industries We Serve


Your Legacy Partners team has extensive professional knowledge and industry-specific insights. Let us put that knowledge and experience to work for you.

We target services companies with $1MM – $10MM EBITDA

  • Financial services
  • B2B services
  • Tech enabled services
  • Consumer services
  • Industrial services
  • Professional services
  • Testing services

Registered Investment Advisors

We’ve developed a unique expertise working with the Wealth Management industry including Registered Investment Advisors (RIAs) and independents.

  • With our specialized experience, connections, and guidance we can help you through a successful transition.
  • If you have a RIA business and think it’s time to consider liquidity options, talk to us
  • We have the knowledge, experience, and insights to help you with your succession plan.

Service Companies

As a B2B service company owner, you know you must make adequate preparations for a smooth transition. While many investment firms focus purely on financials, we understand the importance of looking at all aspects of your unique business.

  • We assist you to ensure you retain your customers and take care of them during the process to maximize the benefit for all involved parties.
  • We understand how important it is to pay extra attention to internal processes and the well-being of employees through the transition
  • Selling a business is not just about the financials, but about the people, too