Mergers and Acquisitions Advisory Service

We can leverage our strong relationships with active buyers in the M&A community on your behalf and will facilitate multiple offers so you can choose the best fit for your firm.

  • Capital partner for growth
  • Capital partner for succession
  • Full sale
  • Partial sale

Our extensive network of active, qualified buyers can benefit you in a number of ways

  • Potential for multiple offers
  • Identify the right buyer quickly
  • Maximize the value of your transaction
Our mergers and acquisitions advisory services encompass more than posting a ‘for sale’ sign on your business.
Through Your Legacy Partners’ years of experience working with buyers and sellers we developed a robust network of professionals and industry experts who support us in delivering an excellent experience for our clients
  • Accountants who can master the finest details of financial statements
  • Attorneys who specialize in navigating the minefields of M&A transactions
  • Access to a network of subscribed capital providers

We are in regular conversations with active buyers each week

  • We utilize a robust marketing medium that instantly puts us in direct contact with thousands of subscribed capital providers.
  • This combination of quality and quantity helps ensure we attract more of the right buyers for a great fit for your business
  • We provide you with direct access to buyers who will appreciate the value of your life’s work