Planning, Execution & Realization that get you set to win

Business Valuation

A comprehensive, professionally prepared business valuation provides a roadmap for all your business decisions going forward. With our deep industry knowledge and experience, we’re able to identify the hidden value and uniqueness of your business – and we can put a number on it. We consider industry-standard approaches to valuation — Asset, Market & Income — and apply the most appropriate method(s) to your valuation.

Expert Witness Services

Our expert witness services often focus on valuation challenges and M&A disputes.  Our first-hand experience conducting valuations and managing transactions plus our analytic competence and communication skills equip us to provide expert witness services backed by both wisdom and data-driven analysis.

Strategic Consulting

Thoughtful, thorough preparation is key to a successful exit but may feel impossible to accomplish while you’re deep in the day-to-day details of running the business.  Through our strategic consulting services, Your Legacy Partners serves as your hands-on partner to pinpoint, plan and address factors that may enhance or diminish the perceived value of your company – from corporate structure to equity and compensation matters that may impact a transaction.

Succession Planning

You’ll benefit from our succession consulting services during the pre-sale and post-sale phases of your business transition.  Pre-sale, we provide succession and transition planning, growth and value enhancement support and business model consulting.  Post-sale, we can provide investment funding support, advice on gifting strategies, helping to identify your future path

Transaction Support

If you’ve already identified a buyer for your company but need guidance executing the deal, Your Legacy Partners can act as your transaction quarterback – from negotiating a letter of intent and purchase agreement terms to navigating due diligence and helping manage the closing and post-sale transition.


We’ve developed our No Regrets Sales process to help maximize the value of your transaction and optimize your satisfaction with the deal and what comes next.  Our process includes a marketing approach that instantly puts us in direct contact with thousands of subscribed capital providers. We also leverage our strong relationships with active buyers in the M&A community on your behalf and facilitate multiple offers so you can choose the best fit for your company.