Business Valuation Services

A comprehensive, professionally prepared business valuation provides a roadmap for all your business decisions going forward

  • Informs your business strategy
  • Positions your business for sale
  • Guides your actions to enhance your business value
  • Establishes your business position for optimal resale value

We know that every business is unique

  • With our deep industry knowledge and experience, we’re able to identify the hidden value and uniqueness of your business
  • We consider industry-standard approaches to valuation — Asset, Market & Income — and apply the most appropriate method(s) to your valuation.
    • Selling your business
    • Obtaining financing
    • Succession planning
    • ESOP transactions
    • Buy/sell agreements
    • Shareholder transactions

We conduct an in-depth review of all aspects of your business to understand the operating model

  • We evaluate key risks and assess future growth opportunities
  • Then we prepare a summary report that highlights positive or negative impact areas of your business
  • This report can apply in a number of situations
    • Acquisitions
    • Mergers
    • Divorce or shareholder dispute litigation
    • Financial reporting, especially estate tax, gift tax

Another type of valuation can guide future decisions. It goes into more detail, involves more data and a line-by-line analysis of your Income Statement.