Phase 3 – Ensuring Lasting Success Post-Transition

Time to complete: Ongoing

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Here’s our key advantage to you, and what sets Your Legacy Partners apart:

  • Most M&A Advisors, business brokers, and investment banks stop after the purchase agreement is signed.

What happens next? How do they advise you moving forward?

In most cases, after the deal is signed you’re totally out on your own.

Your Legacy Partners is a true partner that continues to guide our clients into the future, ensuring that all the planning we put in place is correctly funded, monitored, and enjoyed.

Here’s what that means to you, along with some explanation of unfortunate facts that you may not be aware of:


Many business owners are surprised to learn they may be required to stay with the company in some way to ensure the company they sold performs well enough to receive the full value of the sale.

Simply put: it’s highly unlikely you’ll get 100% of the sale value of your company as soon as you sign on the dotted line.

Even if your payments aren’t contingent on any specific performance, if the business fails to generate the level of profits needed to pay you out, you may not receive those funds.

Can you imagine?

You made a fair deal for the sale of your company, things went sideways with the company after you left, and now you don’t get the money you’re owed?

It happens, and more often than you probably think.

This is why we don’t leave your side after the closing.

Beyond our original deal negotiations, we help owners monitor progress in the business and find ways they can help the business continue to operate profitably to ensure they receive all of their proceeds.


As you receive the proceeds from your sale, both upfront and over time, Your Legacy Partners stays involved. Through quarterly meetings and ongoing communication we ensure the comprehensive plans and strategies we helped put in place are correctly funded to accomplish your goals. This also helps us stay on top of your evolving needs to ensure all strategies continue to align.

Since many of these strategies have specific requirements that need to be met in order to maintain their tax advantages, proper execution is critical.

Too many people go wrong here.

Through our sister company YLP Financial, we help ensure the optimal strategies are funded correctly.

As a Registered Investment Advisor (“RIA”), YLP Financial acts in a fiduciary capacity over all of your financial assets, making sure all decisions and investments used are in your best interests.

As Certified Investment Management Analysts (“CIMA”), we have the expertise to help you select the investments that will minimize your risk for a given level of return while also limiting your tax liabilities.

As Certified Financial Planners (“CFP”) we are uniquely qualified to oversee all aspects of your financial well-being over the coming years and decades.


Because of the successful business they built, and the prudent planning they engaged in, many of our owners are now in the fortunate position to have the financial resources to pursue whatever endeavors have deep meaning for them, their families, their communities, and the world – without worrying about costs or needing to generate income.

Sure, many people take time to relax, play golf, travel, spend time with family, etc. – but the ability to truly pursue something you’re passionate about can be extremely fulfilling.

Many owners serve as a consultant helping younger entrepreneurs or in new industries they find interesting.

Through our work at the University of Chicago, helping establish an entrepreneurial program, we created another sister company Kospow Partners, which provides unique opportunities to co-invest in private companies, alongside a number of experienced and successful investors. Most of these businesses are similar to our clients’ businesses in size ($5M – $30M revenue) and operate in similar industries.

Owners tell us these opportunities allow for more upside, and in a way they more closely understand and feel they can be a part of.

However you want to invest your time in your next act, we help and encourage you to pursue your passions and find purpose in the exact things that will leave an impact on your legacy, and the legacy of others.


TIME TO ENJOY! We’re ready to work alongside you through all three phases of preparation and planning, executing your transition, and ensuring lasting success post-transition. Get in touch today to begin your journey.

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